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New Penny Hockey Boards Available for customization

These boards are currently available to be customized with your logo of choice. Please contact me via the comments or on the Etsy store if you are interested in purchasing one of these. Plain boards are $55 and custom logos can be added for $5-10 more. Almost any logo is possible to add to the board but the more complex the logo is the longer it will take to apply and the more it might cost. Logos for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings, Michigan Wolverines and Oakland Raiders are $10 extra. This is a fan loyalty fee (Go Jackets, Buckeyes and Broncos!) and is non-negotiable. Shipping is around $10-20 depending on how quickly you want it shipped. If you live in the Columbus area we can negotiate an in-person exchange to avoid shipping costs.

The boards below do not have a clear coat finish over the entire surface as the raw wood needs to be exposed to apply the wood stain for the logo. Each board has been sprayed with a thin coat of shellac on one of the corners to give an idea of how the finished product will look.

Available boards:

Stained ash frame and natural ash board

This board has an solid ash playing surface with an interesting grain pattern. The frame is also ash but has been stained to provide contrast with the playing surface.

Cherry and Maple


Cherry and Maple overview


Cherry and Maple detail with finish

Mahogany and Curly Ash


Mahogany and Curly Ash overview


Mahogany and Curly Ash detail with finish


Walnut and Maple – Sold


Walnut and Maple overview


Walnut and Maple detail with finish

Mahogany and Maple – SOLD!



Mahogany and Maple overview


Mahogany and Maple detail with finish

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